The property markets of Navi Mumbai have been in the limelight ever since it was developed. Navi Mumbai is a suburban location in Mumbai which was planned and created to accommodate the spill over resulting from the population and space pressures on Mumbai. This locality was planned as far back as 1971 and the original design saw inputs from numerous architects and advisors. The township that resulted from these iterations in planning has become one of the most sought after locations in Mumbai. Perhaps the excitement can be compared with the kind that was generated when Powai was being developed. This is the reason why property in Navi Mumbai is now considered to prime property. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the development of the locality.

Factors favouring the growth of Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai lies adjacent the Mumbai Pune Expressway. The location has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The distance from Mumbai and the direct lack of local train connectivity were considered to be issues initially. However that is no longer the case. Not only is there a train station close to the locality but also there is an excellent network of buses that ply to and from Navi Mumbai.

As a result of adequate planning, the township has seen residential as well as commercial development in a phased manner. The IT companies of Mumbai chose to occupy the commercial facilities and transform Navi Mumbai into the IT hub of Mumbai over the years. Not all companies have moved here, however the number is sufficient enough to merit the locality as the IT hub. According to some experts, the god connectivity with Pune has been an influence. As the economic activity increased, so did the demand for residential property in Navi Mumbai.

The impeccable planning and modern infrastructure development has paved way for sustainable growth of the township. The promise that the locality presents is so immense that it is being planned that an international airport would be constructed in its vicinity. If that happens, then Navi Mumbai would become the new ‘Nariman Point’. Those who are not aware of the importance of Nariman Point can surmise that the locality would become one fo the most vital hubs of economic activity in the Mumbai city.

But it is not merely these tentative plans that have lead to a speculative growth in properties in Navi Mumbai. A metro train line is being planned that would also connect Navi Mumbai with Kalyan. Kalyan- it must be pointed out- is a locality in Thane district which is of great commercial and industrial importance. With the two localities connected, we probably are looking at new focal centres of the “modern Mumbai” in the times to come.

All these factors have been the result of the rise in demand for new as well as resale flats in Navi Mumbai.

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In Conclusion

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