Self storage is a business that can be very helpful as it rents storage spaces to customers, where customers are free to store any item of their choice. The storage units come in different sizes and the rent is charged based on the size of the unit and the period for which the lease is taken. The items can be stored for durations ranging from one month to twelve months.

People may wonder why they opt for self storage units when storage is available in the warehouse and even their homes may have enough storage space in the garage. Well, the difference between any ordinary storage space and oneself is, above all, the climate controlled environment. Self-storage facilities are usually air-conditioned. Climate control refers mainly to the use of heating, ventilation and air conditioning to control the internal environment of the storage unit. Controlled climate units ensure that items stored in them are not damaged by excessive heat or cold. They are ideal for storing furniture, storing cars and storing other expensive equipment that can deteriorate if stored for long periods under normal conditions. Another advantage is the great variety available in terms of the size of the units. Sizes vary from mini, small, medium, large, large, extra large and even loft areas. Many of these storage locations even offer spaces large enough to store recreational vehicles and boats.

The storage of recreational vehicles and the storage of boats are difficult to find on a person’s property and, therefore, the availability of personal storage is a boon to the owners of these items. Another advantage is that these places are usually equipped with full-time surveillance and alarm systems to prevent theft. This guarantees customers the security of their stored products. Another advantage is that these places are usually located in areas of easy access.

The rates charged by the units are very nominal and there is the additional advantage of being able to store goods for periods of up to one year. The extension of the one-year lease period is very advantageous for people who may have been transferred out of state for a few months and need a place to store their items safely until they return.

Even with its many advantages, own storage is not exempt from its other side. One of the main disadvantages is that the real responsibility for the loss of stored goods remains in the hands of the client. The possession of the goods never leaves the customer and, therefore, the owner of the store never has any genuine responsibility for the goods. If the goods are damaged for any reason, there is no liability as such by the owner of the storage place.

When a comparison of the ups and downs of personal storage is made, it is evident that the ups and downs surpass the low ones. This is probably the reason why more and more people are looking for these places to store their valuable products. Due to the high demand, self-service stores are appearing in different parts of the state and they are also offering online booking facilities for their spaces.

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