Racial Harassment Employment Compensation Claim

Prior to instructing an employment law professional to assist in a race-based harassment claim, there are a few alternative steps. First, notify the harasser in the presence of your or their supervisor that their behaviour is undesirable and unlawful. When the harassment continues, raise a grievance with either the trade union or the employer.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe working environment, so it is best to start with your employer as they may not be aware of the situation and you should give them the opportunity to fix the problem.

If an appearance before the Employment Tribunal becomes necessary, you will want to have as much physical evidence as possible to show that you were harassed. Therefore, you should start a journal or log of the events with pertinent information, such as dates and times, witnesses, and actions you took to alleviate the situation, providing as much details as possible.

If conditions are unacceptable or unbearable, you may consider resigning, if that is your only alternative which is known as constructive dismissal being effectively an unfair dismissal. When that occurs, you should instruct a qualified employment law solicitor. Your solicitor can negotiate a compromise with the employer or financial settlement. When negotiations fail, your solicitor can assist you in making an application to the Employment Tribunal, or Industrial Tribunal in Northern Ireland.

Racial Harassment, what is it?

Harassment based on race, colour, ethnic background or country of origin is a form of racial discrimination. Offensive behaviour by management, superiors or co-workers, unfavourable treatment at work or in work related activities based on race is harassment. Normally, this is not a one-time occurrence, but a series of events, though a grave single event could be considered harassment; however, legislation is not clear on what constitutes harassment, but courts have ruled that it must have occurred on more than one occasion and the offense must be of such a nature that criminal sanctions could be applied. However whilst that definition mostly fits Civil Court claims, it can be used in employment law as well.

Several statutes provide protection from racial harassment in the workplace. Harassment can range in severity from slanderous comments about one’s work performance to physical attacks. To have a successful racial harassment claim, the individual being harassed should take the steps listed above and log specific incidents of harassment.

The perception of prejudice alone is not grounds to raise a grievance. Prejudice is the way a person thinks. It is when a person acts on those prejudices that it becomes discrimination or harassment.

Racial HarassmentStatutes and References

Currently, there is no specific piece of legislation that is a one-stop reference for racial harassment. However, there are several Acts a solicitor can use as reference while negotiating a compromise or settlement, either with the employer or at a tribunal, these Acts are:

  • Race Relations Act 1976
  • Protection from Harassment Act 1996
  • Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994
  • The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006

Some of the legislation may seem as if it covers the same material, but some became necessary to distinguish between acts of discrimination/harassment and acts of hatred.

Harassment can come in many forms, such as:

  • bullying
  • physical attacks
  • name calling
  • racial comments
  • displaying racist materials
  • racist remarks on social media

An isolated incident may be harmless, but seldom are these acts isolated, they start to make the harasser feel superior and if allowed, will continue. Take the steps to correct the situation immediately.

Compensation: An Employer’s Responsibility

The responsibility of maintaining a safe working environment ultimately resides with the employer. They may employ others to ensure compliance with statutory requirements but paying compensation for damages is the employer’s responsibility. Often there are questions when incidents occur outside the workplace or work-related activities outside the workplace and even at the pub after work are in most cases considered part of an employer’s responsibility.

If an employer knew about an incident of harassment at a pub after work and did not investigate, a second occurrence could make him fully responsible, even though a one-time occurrence of a grave nature could be their responsibility as well. Although there may be questions, in most cases the facts will determine the responsibility. The safest course for the employer is to investigate every grievance, no matter how insignificant it seems.

Normally, when the harasser knows their conduct will not be tolerated, it will stop. Immediate action to prevent further occurrence of harassment is paramount. If everyone responds appropriately, we could eliminate harassment in the workplace. For More Information Visit: Employment Claim Solicitors

UK Mis-Sold Mortgage Compensation Claims

The starting point to claim compensation for mortgage mis-selling is to send a complaint letter or a formal letter of claim to the firm that made the sale of the loan. The letter should contain all of the information necessary to identify you, the property and your mortgage. It should also outline why you think you were mis-sold your policy. The letter should contain as much of the following information as possible:-

  • Name and address of the company who employed the salesman or advisor
  • Mortgage agreement identification number and any other references
  • Name and address of the lender company – bank, building society etc
  • Date of the mortgage agreement
  • Amount of the mortgage
  • Address on which the loan is secured
  • Facts that support the allegation that the mortgage was mis-sold

Advisor Errors – Red Flags

There are many reasons for alleging that a mortgage has been mis-sold including :-

  • Failure to give adequate advice upon which an informed decision could be made
  • Did not offer a financial product that was suitable for that particular borrower
  • Advisor did not discuss other methods of finance, other companies or other products.
  • Adviser did not carry out a fact find to establish needs or requirements
  • Failed to follow the Financial Services Authority guidelines
  • Inadequate explanation of fees and charges including the brokers commission
  • Failed to consider the effect of retirement on meeting the payments.
  • New mortgage rather than extend existing mortgage – illicit practice known as ‘churning’
  • Failure to advise full implication of an ‘interest only’ mortgage

Common Traits of Mis-Selling

There are a number of common features with most mis-selling of mortgages. If any of the circumstances below apply to you there is a strong possibility that you were mis-sold your mortgage. If you recognise any of these as applying to you please call us :-

  • Mortgage on an interest only basis
  • Encouraged to self-certify your income
  • Offered only one lender
  • Offered only one financial product
  • If you will be charged fees for being in arrears
  • Purchase using “Right to Buy”
  • Mortgage continuing after retirement
  • Re-mortgage in order to pay off debt
  • New mortgage rather than top up
  • Interest only mortgage
  • Life assurance, mortgage payment protection or other insurance agreed at the same time

Main Categories of Mis-Sold Mortgages

There are four main grounds upon which a claim for mortgage mis-selling can be based. It must also be proved that the person who sold the policy was in breach of the regulations at that time and effectively failed to give the customer sufficient information on which the client could base the decision to enter into the loan agreement. The four main categories of a mis-sold mortgage are as follows :-

 Mortgage Suitability :-

A financial adviser involved in the sale of the mortgage should have ensured that the loan was suitable for your needs and that you fully understood all of the terms and conditions. Your advisor should have discussed any other available methods of borrowing or financing the purchase of your property. If you advisor failed in any of these respects then you may have a been mis-sold your mortgage.

 Mortgage Churning :-

This really is the most unpleasant tactic in the realms of mortgage mis-selling employed by some financial advisors whereby they advised clients to pay off an old mortgage and take out an entirely new mortgage. The only person to gain from this would be the advisor who would receive an enhanced commission payment when compared with the smaller commission obtained on an original mortgage top up. The client on the other hand will have suffered a substantial loss due to the effective financial penalty for cashing a mortgage in early. This practice is a manipulation of the client’s assets in favour of the financial advisor and is against The Financial Services Authority rules.<

 Regulatory Failure :-

Financial advisors are required to abide by the Financial Services Authority rules and failure to explain fees, charges and values or failure to complete a fact-find may mean that you have a claim. For dealings after 1 January 1995 you should have been given a Key Features document detailing fees and charges.

 Retirement Difficulties :-

Mortgages that continue into retirement cause particular difficulties as the borrower has to continue to pay even on a reduced retirement income. The financial advisor should have ensured that you would have sufficient funds to pay the mortgage interest and the insurance premiums after you had retired. If this subject was not broached then you have a potential claim. Interest only mortgages are causing particular concern in this category.

Financial Ombudsman Service

If the company makes no offer to settle the mortgage mis-selling claim then application to consider the matter is made to the Financial Ombudsman Service and in addition a summons claiming damages can be issued in a court of law :-

  • Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Exchange Tower
  • London E14 9SR
  • United Kingdom
  • Tel: 020 7964 1000
  • Fax:020 7964 1001

For More Information Visit: UK probate lawyers

UK Estate Agents Professional Negligence

Almost anyone can set up as an estate agent with no necessity for formal training however most estate agents are now either professionally qualified or employ professionally qualified staff. Professional negligence by an estate agent is often covered by indemnity insurance either arranged on a voluntary basis or as a necessity required by membership of many professional associations.

Erroneous Sale Price

The most common issues relating to estate agents professional negligence involve offering properties for sale at a price that is too low, thereby ensuring a loss on sale or too high, running up expensive advertising and delaying sale causing subsequent financial losses. In addition whilst a property may have been placed on the market at the correct price, market forces and a change in the financial climate may necessitate an adjustment to the offer price, up or down and an estate agent who fails to keep an eye on a changing property market may be guilty of professional negligence in failing to offer advice to his client in regards to a potential alteration to the price of the property on offer.

Negligent Letting Agents

It is worth remembering that when instructing an estate agent, who may also handle your money as a letting agent that, as in all walks of life there are unscrupulous characters who will act in a totally dishonest or negligent manner. Not all estate agents or letting agencies are insured against professional negligence and your choice of agent should be dictated by reputation and qualification rather than price or self-promotion.

Estate Agencies Professional Associations

Professional associations for estate agents include Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA), National Approved Letting Scheme (NALS), UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA). And if things do go wrong you may be able to refer you matter to the Property Ombudsman formerly known as the Ombudsman for Estate Agents (OEA) for those businesses who are members of the scheme.

Professional Negligence Lawyers Association

The Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA) was formed in 2004 with a view to supporting an accreditation scheme proposed by the Law Society&#8217;s Training Committee. The Solicitors Regulation Authority which is effectively part of the Law Society has now taken over administration of the specialist panel accreditation schemes whose main purpose is to increase public confidence and enhance the reputation of legal practitioners.

The aims and objectives of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association include :-

  • Promotion of specialist dispute resolution skills
  • Networking of members to exchange information
  • Provision of education & training
  • Development of a media profile

Professional Negligence Solicitors

Please Note that solicitors do not deal with complaints about poor service, bad attitudes or inadequate procedures. Professional negligence solicitors deal with claims involving financial loss that has been or is likely to be sustained. For More Information Visit: UK probate lawyers

The Bullish Property Market of Navi Mumbai

The property markets of Navi Mumbai have been in the limelight ever since it was developed. Navi Mumbai is a suburban location in Mumbai which was planned and created to accommodate the spill over resulting from the population and space pressures on Mumbai. This locality was planned as far back as 1971 and the original design saw inputs from numerous architects and advisors. The township that resulted from these iterations in planning has become one of the most sought after locations in Mumbai. Perhaps the excitement can be compared with the kind that was generated when Powai was being developed. This is the reason why property in Navi Mumbai is now considered to prime property. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the development of the locality.

Factors favouring the growth of Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai lies adjacent the Mumbai Pune Expressway. The location has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The distance from Mumbai and the direct lack of local train connectivity were considered to be issues initially. However that is no longer the case. Not only is there a train station close to the locality but also there is an excellent network of buses that ply to and from Navi Mumbai.

As a result of adequate planning, the township has seen residential as well as commercial development in a phased manner. The IT companies of Mumbai chose to occupy the commercial facilities and transform Navi Mumbai into the IT hub of Mumbai over the years. Not all companies have moved here, however the number is sufficient enough to merit the locality as the IT hub. According to some experts, the god connectivity with Pune has been an influence. As the economic activity increased, so did the demand for residential property in Navi Mumbai.

The impeccable planning and modern infrastructure development has paved way for sustainable growth of the township. The promise that the locality presents is so immense that it is being planned that an international airport would be constructed in its vicinity. If that happens, then Navi Mumbai would become the new ‘Nariman Point’. Those who are not aware of the importance of Nariman Point can surmise that the locality would become one fo the most vital hubs of economic activity in the Mumbai city.

But it is not merely these tentative plans that have lead to a speculative growth in properties in Navi Mumbai. A metro train line is being planned that would also connect Navi Mumbai with Kalyan. Kalyan- it must be pointed out- is a locality in Thane district which is of great commercial and industrial importance. With the two localities connected, we probably are looking at new focal centres of the “modern Mumbai” in the times to come.

All these factors have been the result of the rise in demand for new as well as resale flats in Navi Mumbai.

Finding properties in Navi Mumbai

Housing.com has two sections which allow an end user to find properties for purchase in Navi Mumbai. The section marked ‘Buy’ allows end users to find the best resale properties. The one marked ‘New Projects’ allows one to find numerous housing opportunities in upcoming residential projects in Navi Mumbai.

In Conclusion

The portal has invested considerable resources in gathering comprehensive information for these two types of properties. End users are encouraged to explore for better results.

Etobicoke Ontario Real Estate Listings offer clue For Buyers

Real estate listing sites usually have a widespread view of the property that is accessible to buyers. They typically include the most recent info on the properties along with some photos. Good real estate sites will also include a list of trusted contractors like Storm Guard Roofing for your reference. If you’re looking to buy a place in Ontario, those real estate listings could help you get a fast and absolute view of the marketplace in a specific area. Buying a house is a grand responsibility and individuals would not want to make any decision without the most up to date info available. The point of buying a primary house or a vacation house typically is a long term assurance, and the documents are final when they are signed. onepercentguys offer some tips for buyers below:

If you look at Etobicoke, Ontario real estate listings, they’re include the most recent information on all of the properties available. These listings provide other significant info too. They typically provide the contact number for the real estate agent in charge of showing and selling the property. This info could save each buyer substantial time while trying to contact the appropriate people for viewing each property. The real estate listings would usually provide info on the price for each property as well. This info provides a chance to start an evaluation of the properties for consideration. If you are eager to buy a house, then you might want professional aid from real estate agent.

These listings should offer other info besides the cost. The listings should show a prospective buyer how the properties stack up in comparison to other properties in the area. It should also show the square footage of the lot and how big each of the rooms in the house are. This info can show why one home is worth more than others. The listings will also frequently show the quantity of bedrooms and bathrooms. Certainly, these are all issues that a buyer would want to consider while buying a property.

They’ll also typically provide the age of the house so the buyer knows how old the house is. Oftentimes, the older the house is, the more work it needs which is why people might be more inclined to buy a newer home rather than an older on. A lot of buyers love older homes while others would rather have a brand new house. A look at the listings should help you narrow your search whilst saving time.

how to find companies specializing in the sales of luxury houses in Toronto

How to start looking for best deals

Many people consider looking for luxury homes online as a simple and easy task but in reality it is not as simple as most of the people think and finding the right company like kevinloberg toronto specializing in sales of luxury houses in Toronto requires some considerations and aspects of these luxury homes to be considered. If you want to buy a luxury home then there are some considerations which you should consider to make sure that you find the right type of house for yourself. Even if you are looking for a home for the first time, finding the right type of home for yourself would become very simple and easy task.

Where you should be looking for best deals

When you searching for companies specializing in sales of luxury houses in Toronto you should keep in mind that you are not the only buyer in the market. If you are not going to buy the real estate, someone else will. Therefore make sure that you consider each deal with importance and do not run over the deals. Most of the people do not know the art of negotiation and due to this reason they are not able to close a good deal. It is important that any person who is dealing in any kind of product should be able to negotiate with other person according to his or her desire. While negotiating is a skill most of the people convert it into forcing the other person and when you are dealing with big projects and are closing big deals then in this case it is important that both parties should happily agree on the same stance. Keeping a good relation in business is also equally important.

Important considerations related with luxury homes

While looking for companies specializing in sales of luxury houses in Toronto one most important thing which you should consider are the location of the house. It is important that the house should be located in a convenient place so that you do spend too much time travelling to distant places just to fulfill your basic needs. When you are searching for the luxury homes it is important that you should also consider the neighborhood so that you can get the idea that if you purchase that house then in which type of neighborhood you would be living. One thing to consider is that when the house is located in a convenient or ideal place the price of the house also increases with it. Therefore when you are focusing too much on the location of the house you should also take into consideration the total cost of the house. Make sure that you look for more than one company specializing in sales of luxury houses in Toronto so that you can compare different deals provided by the different companies.

What a Real Estate Course Can Do for You

Have you detected of a true estate course before? although you’re unfamiliar the important estate trade, there’s a decent likelihood that you just have. though you’ll have detected of a true estate course before, does one recognize specifically what one is?

When it involves assets courses, you’ll realize that they are available in a very range of various formats. for example, there ar assets courses that ar designed to assist individuals, rather like you, create a living as a true land agent, courses that facilitate owners sell their homes, courses that give prospective home consumers with necessary data, also as courses that ar designed to introduce assets investment. If you’re trying to form cash with the shopping for, selling, or transaction of assets investment properties, you’ll need to target courses that give home consumers with necessary data, also as those who cowl the ins and outs of assets investment.

One of the various reasons why you’re suggested to require a true estate course that’s designed to assist prospective home consumers is in order that you’ll recognize specifically what to seem for in a very property. If this is often your initial time shopping for assets properties or perhaps simply your second time, you’ll not specifically recognize the ins and outs of shopping for assets. There ar some useful tips, like victimization the services of a true land agent or having every prospective home endure a structural scrutiny before shopping for, that you just might not remember of. Taking a true estate course that focuses on these necessary tips can create it easier for you to shop for assets properties within the future, whether or not you’re shopping for them for your own personal use or to form a exploit transaction or reselling.

In addition to a true estate course that offers prospective home consumers tips, you’re conjointly suggested to look at assets courses that cowl assets investments. If you’d prefer to create cash as a true estate capitalist, you’ll do thus, however you want to initial recognize what you’re doing. If this is often your initial time giving assets investments a trial, you’ll need to form certain that you just recognize specifically what you’re doing, because it can provide you with a much better likelihood for fulfillment . that’s why it’s suggested that every one prospective assets investors initial take a true estate course, significantly one that educates participants on assets investments, also as offers tips.

If you’d prefer to learn additional concerning assets investment or simply shopping for a place general, you’re suggested to require a true estate course before continuing to any extent further. To achieve success within the assets investment trade, you would like to be educated on specifically however assets investments work. For an oversized choice of on-line assets courses, you’re suggested to perform a customary net search, ideally with the phrase “real estate courses.” If you’d opt to take an area assets course, you’re suggested to contact one in all your native assets agents for extra data, also as keep a watch on all native ads.